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My name is Catherine Sayce.

Most of my life I've lived within eyeshot of the ocean. As a child growing up in Huia I've always wondered what has lain beneath the murkiness of the Manukau and beyond. 

My first real snorkelling experience was near Cable Bay. Travelling North was new to me as was my confidence in the water.

After a couple of trips to Norfolk Island recently with work I had the desire to pursue my new found passion for underwater hunting in NZ and the respect I had learned from selecting the fish rather than putting it in a supermarket trolley.

Being new to travelling I enjoy every opportunity to get in the water. I take pleasure in diving new spots around the country and checking off new species of fish. My goal within the next year is to compete in The Nationals.

For now I am keen to improve my diving and set achievable objectives, meet new spearos and hear their tales.

Being an air hostess working shift work enables me and my partner Matt Lind (Airport Fire Rescue) to do some epic mid-week diving when our shifts align. Equipped with a small boat and big passion those fishies had better watch out because even though my breath hold is shit my aim is good.

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