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Gemma wanted to spend more time with her Dad after she finished UNI, and it was either diving or farming, so having a competitive swimming and lifeguarding background and disliking mud… she knew which one it would be. Her dad has been into competitive spearfishing for years, representing New Zealand many times and so they entered the nationals together as a team. To her surprise she was selected to represent New Zealand in Tahiti, Indo-pacific's 2014 and then won the woman’s Spearfishing Competition at the National Champs later on that year so in an effort to rapidly improve my diving she signed up to train with John Wright through the Auckland Freediving Club.

Gemma's Personal Best & Acheviments
Discipline:    Result:
Dynamic Apnea no fins    124m
Static Apnea    5m:15sec
Dynamic apnea    150m
Constant weight no fins    -42m
Constant weight    -50m
Free Immersion    -45m

2016 - Fluyd NZ depth Nationals - Womens 1st Place

2015 -   Freediving Depth Nationals - Woman’s 1st Place
             Freediving Pool Champs - Woman’s 2nd Place
             Spearfishing National Champs – Woman’s 3rd Place

2014 – Freediving Pool Champs - Woman’s 2nd  Place
            Spearfishing National Champs - 1st Place
            Inter Pacific Spearfishing Team - Tahiti 2nd Place