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I originated from Nelson, New Zealand and have dived the majority of the South Island coastlines spearing and diving from a very young age spearing a wide variety of species and of course gathering some of the large Red Cray's and Puna the south has to offer.
All my spare time is spent in the water targeting some of my favourite eating fish like Kingfish, Tarakihi and Gurnard as they all have a versatility to suit any dish whether its a curry or sashimi.

I have set myself a huge goal of spearing a Marlin within the next year and as the newest Splash ambassador the team are eager to help me achieve this.

Every time I hit the water I have 2 Go-pro cameras rolling, one on my Rob Allen gun getting the the best view possible and the other is either on head harness or wrist mount. So come back and check out how my mission is going, see photo's and video's of my latest crusades.

James Goodall 

ExiumG2 Product Review

As a Team Splash member I'm stoked to have the opportunity to test run Splash's new products. Today I'm reviewing the Epsealon Exium G2 100cm Railgun. 

I've had this gun for a few weeks now and have managed to test it out fully. The first thing I noticed was the ease of maneuverability when using hands to track fish thru the water, possibly because of the twin elliptical barrel design or due to the size. (I normally use 120/130cm guns). Tracking sideways was excellent but vertical movement was more like most other guns.

The French manufacture Epsealon (formerly Esclapez) continue to produce truly exceptional freediving & spearfishing gear that is both innovative and effective.

Epsealon's flagship gun, Exium G2 presents new ideas to the spearfishing world. Like all products by Epsealon, they have implemented simple ideas with the best possible materials to create an exceptional gun.

The G2 has a system that will allow you to get optimal balance in all circumstances and the twin barrel offers less drag & resistance during horizontal swings.

It definitely suits its purpose as an excellent all-round gun, more suited for lower visibility but perfect for shooting fish like Snapper, Tarakihi, and obviously handles Kingies as one of the Splash lads proved last weekend.

With the floats system is has great versatility to suit any style of spearfishing because you can add reels, heavier spears and all you need to is adjust the float position to balance out the gun to your liking. 

There are a few other cool things about this gun that most people won't consider, but make a huge difference to your underwater experience: The ergonomically correct handle is very comfortable; the mech is 100% stainless steel and has 2 trigger sensitivity settings to allow the user to set their preference; and it can be used open or closed muzzle.

I find this gun very good in design and practice, the performance is unquestionable and the fact that this gun is well priced too makes it hard to fault at all. 

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