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Dive Holiday Spotlight - Okinawa, Japan

Written by Josie Crawshaw on June 8th, 2017.      0 comments


Far below Japan lies a chain of semi-tropical islands, Okinawa and the Southwest Islands. A tropical paradise only a quick 2-3 hour flight from the main airports within Japan (Tokyo, Osaka)...

NZ Depth Nationals + Inter Pacific Spearfishing Champs

Written by Gemma Cookson on May 10th, 2017.      0 comments


Gemma Cookson talks about her experiences in this year's New Zealand Freediving Depth Nationals and the Inter Pacific Spearfishing Champs.

A Spearo's Addiction

Written by James Goodall on May 9th, 2017.      0 comments


James Goodall from Spearo Addicts NZ share his Summer 2017 season with us in the video below. Living the dream!
To catch up on all of James's missions, check out his facebook page >> and YouTube vids >>
Topics: Spearfishing

Sealife DC2000 - First Look

Written by Jack Preston on May 8th, 2017.      0 comments


Jack JPPhoto - Everything Animal tries out his new Sealife DC2000 Camera.

Spearfishing Tonga to New Zealand

Written by Red on April 27th, 2017.      0 comments

Spearfishing Tonga to NZ

Red from Breathless Addiction takes us on a trip from Tonga to NZ...
Topics: Spearfishing

How To Load Your Speargun

Written by Splash Spearfishing on April 26th, 2017.      0 comments


It is not uncommon to struggle to load your first speargun and suspect it has come with too short a rubber.  If this is you, the chances are you are not doing it right - speargun loading is 80% technique and only 20% strength...

Fish ID and Tactics

Written by Splash on April 20th, 2017.      0 comments


Reef Species
| Pelagic Species | Weedline Species | Molluscs and Crustaceans | Tropical Species | Freshwater Species | Non-Target Species

When is a Freediving Suit Not a Freediving Suit?

Written by Matt Lind on March 12th, 2017.      0 comments


“When is a Freediving Suit Not a Freediving Suit?”
- Well, when you’re not Freediving in it of course! 

There are very few eureka moments when it comes to new dive gear, the moments when you try a new piece of kit for the first time and immediately wonder how you’ve gone on so long without it.  Using a Freediving suit for the first time is almost always one of those moments...

How To Attach A Gun Reel

Written by Rob Allen on February 26th, 2017.      0 comments


In the Below video Rob Allen shows you how to attach a reel to your gun...

Choosing a Regulator

Written by Hayden Salmons on February 12th, 2017.      0 comments


Your regulator is a vital piece of gear and choosing the right one for you can be confusing. The goal of all regulators is the same: to deliver air on demand at ambient pressure. Comfort with a scuba regulator depends on how you breathe - and everyone’s different....

The Kiwi Cray Hunter's Glove of Choice - Atlantis G10

Written by Matt Lind on February 8th, 2017.      0 comments


One of the most crucial bits of gear for keeping yourself comfortable in the water is a good pair of gloves.  The right pair will keep your hands warm and protected from the variety of sharp things that’ll cut soft, wet fingers in the water. Being as how we’re kiwis though, there’s really only one sharp thing in the water we care about. The crayfish...

How To Check Your Spear Is Straight

Written by Rob Allen on January 26th, 2017.      0 comments


Even small bends in your spear can make your gun inaccurate.
In this video Rob Allen shows us how to check our spears are perfectly straight for maximum accuracy...

Pet Hate: "Danglies"

Written by Matt Lind on January 12th, 2017.      0 comments


One of my great pet hates is ‘danglies’.  These are the unsecured bits of kit that “dangle” off a diver like octis, lights or gauge consoles.  There is just something about an untethered octi or gauge console dragging behind a diver that offends me and gets my OCD screaming!  And it’s not just my sense of aesthetics that are upset either, danglies cause a bunch of problems....
Topics: Scuba Diving

Why Rob Allen?

Written by Matt Lind on December 12th, 2016.      0 comments


For me when it comes to speargun selection there are only really two choices to be made; alloy or carbon; and what length and rubber set-up. That it’s going to be a Rob Allen is a given. Why?

Well the short answer is because they’re the best. The long answer is going to take a while so best put the jug on first....

How To Tie Rubbers

Written by Splash on November 26th, 2016.      0 comments


Tying your own rubbers from bulk rubber is a great way to save money.  It also gives you the ability to really fine tune your guns performance and lets you make repairs and modifications in the field with a minimum of tools.  It is also very easy...