Atlantis Legacy M23 Mask

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Full metal frame with super-soft double flanged silicone skirt.

Low profile, medium to wide fit. Comes in a handy heavy-duty fabric case.

Please note: To prepare your new mask for use you will first need to remove the silicone film on the inside of the lens left over from manufacture. To do this follow these simple steps. First, clean your hands to rid them of any oil and then spread a liberal amount of adult plain toothpaste onto the lens of the mask (don’t use the whitening types as the chemicals can cause damage to the mask). Rub the toothpaste into the lens, you should notice a change in the texture, it should start to feel smoother the more you rub the toothpaste in.
Once the entire lens feels smooth, wash away the toothpaste with clean water and perform a breath test. If the mask still fogs you may want to repeat the process again.