Our Price: $199.00

This pistol grip spotlight packs 700 lumens. Eight C-cell batteries provide 30 hours of burn time. The trigger switch is easy to use with gloved hands; access momentary on via a half-pull and constant on via a full-pull. The trigger locks out to prevent...

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Our Price: $175.00

The slim metal Princeton Tec Genesis is small enough to carry anywhere, yet it packs a 650 lumen LED, making it bright enough to use as a primary source.Comes with three different modes: High, Low and SOS all accessed with the same button for ease of use...

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Our Price: $169.00

Aluminium 900 lumen dive light This little beauty packs 900 lumens of grunt from the 3 "C" sized batteries. The barrel is made from high strength Anodized Aluminium and is only 210mm in length, double o-ring sealed with an easy twist activation.Burn...

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Princeton TEC League Torch

Our Price: $99.00

Light weight and comfortable shape make Princeton Tec's League the ideal backup light in the water.League even feels good enough in hand to become your favorite on dry land. This unobtrusive light hides out of the way until it is needed. The...

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Princeton TEC Roam Head Lamp

Our Price: $99.00

The Princeton Tec Roam is an LED headlamp designed for SCUBA diving. The bright 100 lumen beam is tightly focused and shines up to 70m+. The Roam is powered by two AA batteries and runs up to 18 hours. The included custom adapter allows the Roam to be...

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Wild Blue Blaze 500 Torch

Our Price: $69.00

Lightweight, compact and a whopping 500 lumens of light. The Wild Blue Blaze 500 LED Dive torch has a double seal O-ring and safety lock to prevent it from being turned on accidentally. Waterproof to 60 Meters. 5hours burn time.Battery 3 x...

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Princeton Meridian Strobe Light

Our Price: $49.90

The Meridian LED emergency strobe and locator light is visible for over 1.5km. The toggle switch allows for operation of red and white strobing modes. The body is designed to be low-profile and adaptable to a wide range of uses: easy attachment to PFD,...

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Princeton TEC40 Torch

Our Price: $49.00

Made with the ruggedness Princeton Tec is world renowned for the Tec 40 halogen bulb provides a warmer light underwater than LED powered torches.This handheld is great for a backup, or as a primary daytime light, as the warm light is phenomenal for...

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Our Price: $29.00

An alternative to using Lightsticks. The Atlantis Marker Light produces a quick strobing green light. Great way to keep track of divers, snorkelers or just swimmers. Screw on and off. Comes with a handy keyring attachment. 13cm long and 3cm at its...

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Princeton TEC AMP Light

Our Price: $39.00

The tiny Princeton Tec Amp packs a 90 lumen LED.With a large carabiner loop, this handheld light can hang off your gear and is small enough to not get in the way while diving. The Amp comes with a snap on cone to convert your flashlight into a marker...

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Our Price: $5.00

hese high quality cyalume sticks contain a glass vial and two chemicals.  When you snap the vial and shake the two chemicals mix and provide about 12 hours of illumination.Whenever night diving you should have one attached by cable tie to the valve...

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A good torch should provide you with enough lumens to easily handle the type of diving you're into. Lumens are the internationally recognised way of measuring light output.  If the torch you're considering does not show its Lumen reading, we would recommend caution.

We offer ultra powerful underwater lights from the 700 lumen Maxbright LED of the Princeton TEC Sector 7 to the Atlantis L1-900, an Aluminium 900 lumen dive torch.  
You should also consider features like LED, a water depth rating, burn-time and warranty back up. 

Thanks for taking the time to view our selection of Torches.