Seac F100 Pro Fin

Our Price: $99.90

These fins are perfect for diving in tropical waters and for snorkeling right here in New Zealand.Created for heavy duty intensive use, guaranteeing maximum reliability and durability. The blade is...

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Seac Motus Fins

Our Price: $199.90

The Seac Motus is a fin with interchangeable blades and a closed foot pocket composed out of two materials.Foot pocket material: in double dual-density material Hard thermoplastic rubber for the...

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Seac Sonic Goggles

Our Price: $39.00

Oversized, durable lens offers comfort and wide-angle, 180-degree clear vision when swimming 100% UV protection Silicone seal, adjustable silicone strap allows for secure fit One-piece frame...

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Seac Weight 3mm Vest

Our Price: $74.90

Evenly distribute your lead weight over your body.  Loading up your belt can give you a sore lower back after hours in the water and leave you imbalanced in the water.Features: outer lining in...

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