Atlantis Quest W10 7mm Wetsuit

Our Price: $479.00

This proven and popular 2-piece has been around for many years for one very good reason - it’s seriously comfy! Features include: Jacket incorporates a smooth skin face seal hood. Full bib-style long john. Made from tough super stretchy high...

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Atlantis Icon W2 5mm Wetsuit

Our Price: $444.99

Versatile scuba suit with integrated design - all round comfort and performance. Features include: Hood-less jacket. Full bib-style long john. Made from tough super stretchy high quality 5.0mm "CR" neoprene. NOTE: be wary of buying wetsuits made by...

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Atlantis Legacy W20 7mm Wetsuit

Our Price: $399.00

When you’re serious about warmth and ease of use, this stylish unisex 1-piece divesuit is surely one of the best available. Made from tough abrasion-resistant 7mm ultraspan neoprene, with titanium inner lining and excellent glide skin seals...

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Atlantis Icon W1 Mens 5mm Wetsuit

Our Price: $324.99

The Icon W1 incorporates many of the features found in more expensive wetsuits but at a fraction of the price.  Features include:Made from tough high quality 6.5/5.0mm "CR" neoprene. NOTE: be wary of buying wetsuits made by "SVR" (polyester)...

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Atlantis Spree SW41 Ladies 5mm Wetsuit

Our Price: $139.00

Stylish women’s shorty that will take a lot of punishment. Ideal for snorkeling and other watersports where warmth and comfort are key.Features include: Glued and stitch seam construction for enhanced strength and durability. Made from tough...

If your scuba diving wetsuit doesn't fit properly, you are compromising the warmth and comfort of your diving.  

Fit is the key factor when looking for a wetsuit. Here at Splash we have a huge selection of diving wetsuits available in various sizes and caters for men, women and youth.

All our wetsuits are made from high-quality material for perfect fit and comfort.

Thanks for taking the time to view our selection of Scuba Diving Wetsuits.