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10 Rules of Scuba Diving

10 Rules of Scuba Diving

If you've been diving for decades, there's a good chance that not everything you learned in your open-water class still applies. New research and equipment have made diving safer and more enjoyable than ever - if you know the rules.... READ MORE>

Arch Diving

There is something about diving arches that really gets my blood going. In one short dive you could easily see more life in one tiny area than if you combined a dozen dives in other locations! Recently I watched an episode of Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing show. He was about to jump in and have a spearfish...  READ MORE>
G10 Gloves - Article-425

Atlantis G10 Review

One of the most crucial bits of gear for keeping yourself comfortable in the water is a good pair of gloves.  The right pair will keep your hands warm and protected from the variety of sharp things that’ll cut soft, wet fingers in the water...  READ MORE>

Beautiful Park Spends Half it's Life Underwater

If you’ve ever wondered what your local park would look like underwater perhaps you should check out the Gruner See (Green Lake) in the Austrian Alps...  READ MORE>

Cray Tales From Tawharanui

For many, just hearing the word ‘crayfish’ will cause their mouths to start salivating at the thought of eating these tasty morsels. Yes, I had some cray tails the other day that were cooked on the BBQ with a coating of sweet chilli sauce and butter, and I have to say for about five minutes it was as if I’d been transported to heaven....  READ MORE>

Diving at Karikari

Karikari Peninsula is a place of stark contrasts. Visiting for the first time, you are immediately faced with desolate, arid-looking countryside that obviously has great extremes in its weather. Bearing the brunt of cyclonic tropical storms and long dry summers, life on land is tough. Yet this harsh landscape offers no hint of the lush contrast that lies in the surrounding turquoise ocean...  READ MORE>

Diving Pinnacles

People often think that the ocean is teeming with fish, and this can be true, but only in very isolated places. The reality is that the ocean is more like a desert, with vast areas that hold very little life, while at the other end of the spectrum there are areas that are just like oases in the desert, where high concentrations of sea life abound...  READ MORE>

Diving the Poor Knights

There is nothing like diving in beautiful blue water with loads of fish. And from late summer onwards, this scenario is something that I normally expect when Scuba Diving the offshore islands in Northland – even right on the coast it’s not uncommon to have visibility greater than 12 metres..  READ MORE>

Diving With Orca

What a Buzz! Something that fires me up more than anything is spending time in the water with large animals.
So when Dr Ingrid Visser (NZ’s Orca researcher) asked me three years ago to film orca underwater for her research, this was something that I had only ever dreamed of doing!..  READ MORE>

Humpback Whale Birth Observed

Locals of Mudjimba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast were treated to the unreal sight of a humpback whale giving birth not far off the coast...  READ MORE>

Keeping The Passion Alive

Splash Dive Operations Manager Hayden shares his journey from Novice to Instructor to Tech-diver to Spearo...  READ MORE>

New Species of Dolphin Identified

.The journal of Marine Mammal Science has just announced the identification of a new species of dolphin that lives off Australia..  READ MORE>


This deep sea octopus has astounded Monterey Bay scientists by brooding her clutch of eggs for an amazing four-and-a-half years...  READ MORE>

Pet Hate: "Danglies"

One of my great pet hates is ‘danglies’.  These are the unsecured bits of kit that “dangle” off a diver like octis, lights or gauge consoles.  There is just something about an untethered octi or gauge console dragging behind a diver that offends me and gets my OCD screaming!...  READ MORE>

Scallop Season

So Scallop season is on us again.
As an avid avoider of scallops once they are out of the ocean you might wonder why I bother talking about scallops at all... READ MORE>

Splash Dive Visits Auckland Zoo

When our Tech Expert Hayden Salmons visited the zoo recently, he experienced getting underwater and up close and personal with the seals and sea lions in the seal enclosure... READ MORE>

Summer Diving & Safety Tips

Ahh, summer is here again – my favourite time of the year. The wet winter that seemed to go on forever is but a distant memory, the stress of December and long hours at work are now behind us, and the weather is playing the game, right on cue. This is the time of the year that most Kiwis look forward to... READ MORE>

The Art of Grabbing Crays

The picture of a cooked crayfish on a platter, is enough to make mouths water, worldwide. This lavish seafood option is, for most, purchased at a premium price at a top quality restaurant or from the seafood market for a special occasion...  READ MORE>
World's Most Epic Dives

The World's Most Epic Dives

If you’re doing it correctly, scuba diving is virtually no effort at all, right? But let’s be honest: Even the most gorgeous shallow reef can get a little bit boring on your hundredth visit. It doesn’t have to be that way...  READ MORE>

What Lives Under That Wharf?

I was pretty excited when I got a call about doing some underwater filming for the Port of Tauranga, documenting marine life in the harbour and around their wharves. Sure, this doesn’t sound like a glamorous job, especially because the harbour clarity was still recovering after a record 12-hour rainfall..  READ MORE>