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7 Rules for Freediving

Getting the basics right for safe and successful freediving...  READ MORE>
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A Big Fish Story

Every summer as the blue water makes it way down our northern coasts, fishermen eagerly dust off their big gear in anticipation of the game fish it carries. This water carries with it more than just big game though...  READ MORE>
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Atlantis G10 Review

One of the most crucial bits of gear for keeping yourself comfortable in the water is a good pair of gloves.  The right pair will keep your hands warm and protected from the variety of sharp things that’ll cut soft, wet fingers in the water...  READ MORE>
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Camo or Cover

One of the most common questions I get from new divers is ‘does a camouflage suit really make a difference?’  The short answer is yes, the long answer isn’t so simple though...  READ MORE>
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Free Rob Allen Trigger Upgrade

In the pursuit to supply the best performing spearguns on the market, Rob Allen is offering its loyal customers a FREE GUN CASSETTE UPGRADE...  READ MORE>

Freediving With Sharks

As each summer rolls around, something more predictable than the All Blacks being named favourites for every Rugby World Cup occurs. Along with the usual buzz in the air as we prepare to hit the beach for the hugely-anticipated Christmas holidays, the sensationalist shark hype begins...  READ MORE>
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Great Barrier Biteys

Despite assurances from the met service of a nil swell, as we rounded the headland into ‘THE’ bay, it was obvious there was a fair bit of lift coming in. Normally that would be that, but this was THE bay, my (and the skippers) favourite 1500m of snapper snooping ground anywhere...  READ MORE>
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Ground Baiting for Snapper

Without a doubt the pinnacle fish for NZ spearos is the snapper. These wily targets are incredibly hard to get close to and to land that elusive 20lber is one of the greatest achievements of most divers’ careers. The main way we target the snapper is by snooping...  READ MORE>
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How to Aim a Railgun

Aiming a speargun differs from person to person. Many old divers have had a problem trying to get used to railguns. A common method is to look at the tip of the spear, put this on the spot you want to aim at and then lift the handle up. As the tip disappears from sight, pull the trigger...  READ MORE>
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Kelp Diving

One of the main features of the New Zealand coastline is our abundance of kelp. Like most temperate waters large, brown kelps dominate our shallows and provide the foundation of our reef eco-systems. The kelp provides food for all sorts of little critters that are predated on by larger fish and even some pretty good table fish like butterfish eat it as well...  READ MORE>

Looking After Your Catch

As spearos we spend so much time and money in our pursuit of fresh fish. There are many joys along the way, however, the fundamental goal of spearfishing is to take quality seafood home to eat...  READ MORE>

Marlin Tag & Release

What would be your response if a stranger called and said, “Think of your dream trip – and let your imagination run wild. I want to come to New Zealand and film one of your adventures for our TV show. And we will pay for it.”?..  READ MORE>
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Sherwood Amphos Review

The time came recently for me to buy a new dive watch so I went to see Matt Lind at Splash and check out what they had on offer.  Matt confidently strolled over to the spearfishing display corner and pulled out the Sherwood Amphos.  Air, check. Nitrox, check....  READ MORE>

Snapper Snooping

Over the next three months we’ll see the best spearfishing of the year.  Not because of good weather or good water conditions but because of the number of snapper and where they move to.  Sometime during October the water temperature is going to begin ramping up and when it gets to about 18 degrees a major change will take place

The Art of Grabbing Crays

The picture of a cooked crayfish on a platter, is enough to make mouths water, worldwide. This lavish seafood option is, for most, purchased at a premium price at a top quality restaurant or from the seafood market for a special occasion...  READ MORE>
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The Disappearing Act

My favorite trick is the ‘disappearing act’ and my favorite two fish to hunt, the mu and the job fish fall for it all the time. It is not uncommon to spot either of these fish from the surface but if you’re not already hiding under a rock when they swim past it is very, very hard to get close...  READ MORE>

The Quest for the Elusive 20lb

Most spearfishermen dream of shooting a big snapper (the 20lb mark). Well I was one of these lucky people.  Some mates had organised a mid-winter spearfishing trip to the far north... READ MORE>
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To Reel or Not to Reel

The main benefit you get from going to a reel is freedom from the drag of a floatline and floats and the associated tangles. Using a reel does have some major disadvantages over the traditional set-up which will be discussed later but for me at least the benefits far outweigh the extra hassles...  READ MORE>

When is a Freediving Not a Freediving Suit?

Well, when you’re not Freediving in it of course!
There are very few eureka moments when it comes to new dive gear, the moment when you try a new piece of kit for the first time and immediately wonder how you’ve gone so long without it...  READ MORE>

Why Rob Allen?

For me when it comes to speargun selection there are only really two choices to be made; alloy or carbon; and what length and rubber set-up. That it’s going to be a Rob Allen is a given. Why?
Well the short answer is because they’re the best. The long answer is going to take a while so best put the jug on first...  READ MORE>