Atlantis Icon B1 5mm Dive Boots

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Minimalist in style, this boot offers great warmth and protection, ideal for the
budget-conscious boat-based diver.

Features include:
- Made from tough high quality 5.0mm "CR" neoprene. NOTE: be wary of buying boots made by "SVR" (polyester) neoprene which is cheaper but is not as durable, or as warm as "CR".  "SVR" is also highly flammable!
- Additional boot panel for extra shaping and fit.
- Seams are glued, stitched and taped for extra durability.
- Non-slip rubber ripple sole.
- Heavy duty #10 YKK zip that goes all the way to the sole to allow ease of entry for the foot.
- Full heel and toe cap for greater protection and stability.
- Sizes shown are UK mens sizes. To convert to other international sizes please click here.

Here's another way to find your correct boot size:

1. Measure your longest foot from big toe to heel.
2. Select the closest size from this list. These are the actual inside toe to heel measurements of the boots.



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