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Traditionally, SCUBA divers have relied on whistles as their only available signaling device in such an emergency. But if a diver is disabled and can't blow into the whistle, the whistle makes no sound at all. Equally frustrating (and dangerous), if a diver needs to attract the attention of someone who is too far away to hear the whistle, the whistle is of no help.

In contrast, Dive-Alert enables divers at the mere touch of a button to generate a blast of sound that can be heard up to a mile away! Dive-Alert is a specially designed, small, lightweight air horn that uses quick-connect/disconnect hose fittings to become an integrated part of your power inflator. Installation is easy and takes only a moment.

Dive-Alert does not require any modification of your other equipment, and it does not interfere in any way with the normal operation of your other equipment. When you need to get someone's attention on the water's surface, you simply press a button and Dive-Alert uses a small amount of air from your SCUBA tank to make a piercingly loud sound. Dive-Alert, the most effective and convenient surface signaling device available.

INSTALLATION - Dive-Alert connects between the power inflator and the low-pressure hose by means of its quick-connect/disconnect hose fittings.

OPERATION - Operation is as simple as pressing the activator button. Dive-Alert was engineered to be operated as easily with a gloved hand as a bare hand, and as easily with the left hand as the right.
The DB-1 is compatible with all standard power inflators including Atlantis, Sherwood and Aqualung i3 Control System.

The DB-2 is compatible with Seaquest AirSource 1 & 2, Apeks Octo Plus, Zeagle Octo Plus, Beauchat Venturi, U.S. Divers Air Mic, Mares AirControl and Oceanic Air XS.

The DB-3 is compatible with ScubaPro A.I.R. 2, Tusa Duo Air and Atomic SS1 alternate inflation regulators.

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