Fluyd Zeero Man 0.5mm Wetsuit

Our Price: $399.00

If your after a pool or warm water competition suit then no need to look an further. The Fluyd Zeero man is 0.5mm of awesome-ness. Designed with protection, comfort and thickness in mind to make the suit repel water, eliminate drag  and give you the...

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Fluyd F1 3mm Triathon Wetsuit

Our Price: $399.00

Fluyd's exceptional reputation in the Free-diving market has giving them the ability to create one of the best performing Triathlon and extreme swimming suits on the market. The F1 is exactly that, the Formula 1 of racing.With a combination of 3mm "Full...

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PSI Gear Wash 236m

Our Price: $29.90

The PSI Gear Wash is a unique antibacterial formula. It combines the necessary ingredients to thoroughly clean Wetsuits and BCD’s.PSI Gear Wash utilizes a non-ionic surfactant, which unlike bacteria specific enzymes attacks a variety of bacteria...

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